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    My Family

    Most know I love animals. I have since I was a young child and that has never changed. I currently have a household of pets that I call my family. As I speak of them so much and post pictures of them on social media quite often…I thought I would introduce them to you. I know I am a bit crazy when it comes to my kids but they really do bring so much joy and love to one’s life.


    CharleyThis is my Angel with fur. She is the first dog that I had as an adult. She was found running the streets as a baby and I adopted her from a rescue. She started off a bit standoffish as a little pup but as she grew into a gigantic beauty she became even more beautiful on the inside. Charley had 4 hip surgeries before she was 2. She had to be confined for almost a year so she could heal. Through all of this she maintained her amazing spirit and gentle soul. She always has a kiss for you and loves to play ball now that she can run and jump. She may be big and even scary to some but she is so sweet even all the kitties in my house love her. A couple of them even call her their girlfriend. She brings a smile and joy to my life everyday.


    ChandlerThis handsome fellow is known as my Buddy, my Punky Poo, and my Baby Bear Face. He was adopted from the same rescue as Charley. He is a silly boy with tons of spunk. If you need to be entertained Chandler is the one for that. He talks, he prances, and he loves everyone. On a walk all he wants to do is say hello to all he sees…whether that is another dog or a person…he wants to be your best friend. He has the face of a male supermodel some say and I agree. I have never seen a dog quite like him, with his amazing coat and gorgeous coloring people stop us all the time and ask about him. Of course Chandler is so modest he never lets the praise go to his head.


    CarlyMy darling Carly came to me because I drove by an adoption and thought she looked like Charley and Chandler’s love child…and because she is a doll. Carly is the oldest of my pups but has tons of energy. She is my hiking companion. She can go and go and go and loves every minute of it. She is also like MacGyver. She can think her way out of almost any situation. My backyard has now been Carly proofed as she could think of every way in the world to escape. She wasn’t trying to run away only trying to herd squirrels. I think Carly came from a difficult home before joining my family. She can be shy and nervous but has a heart of gold and just wants to be loved.



    LunaMy little Luna was found running the streets near a busy freeway. A very kind family took her in but couldn’t find a home for her. As she was getting ready to go to a shelter I decided I had to do something. I picked her up Christmas of 2012 and she has been with me since. As a lover of big dogs Luna has taught me that little’s are just as amazing and loving as the big dogs. She has so much personality it is crazy. She likes other people but she is definitely my dog. I can tell she is very grateful to have a home with good food and lots of friends. Because of her silliness she has quite a few nicknames. She is aka Luna Cakes, Luna Tuna Casserole, Cuckoo Puff and Luna Toons to name a few.

    Isabella Vita

    Isabella VitaIzzy has been with me the longest. It seems like we have always been together. As my only female kitty she rules the roost over people, other cats and of course the dogs. I call her the Queen of the Castle. My parents brought her to me on one of their visits and I instantly fell in love with her. She has such an expressive face and the cutest little paws. Most days you find her sitting on the top level of her kitty condo watching over the rest of us. She does come down from her throne though for food, which she loves, and belly rubs.

    Oliver Martini

    Oliver MartiniThis boy is known as my main man. Ollie and I found each other when I was food shopping for Isabel. He was being adopted out. The woman running the adoption introduced us and said he was a bit of an ugly duckling but the sweetest. When he walked up calmly and touched his nose to my finger I was hooked. He was a little scrawny and balding in places but his eyes said it all. He came home that day and we have been in love ever since. I have never met a cat quite like Oliver. He is more like a dog I would say. He plays fetch, he loves to give kisses and he does a few tricks. And yes the ugly duckling did turn into the beautiful swan inside and out.

    Batman & Robin

    Batman & RobinI put these two together as they are brothers that were rescued off of the streets of LA. I volunteer with a great group called A Dogs Life Rescue and they were their kitties. I offered to foster them and they never left. Batman is actually the smaller boy and as sweet as can be. He is gentle and friendly and has the cutest meow I have ever heard. It is so soft you can barely hear it. Unlike his brother’s meow, Robin or Robbie as I call him, is the loudest most talkative boy I have ever met. He has an opinion on everything and he lets you know how he feels. I call Robbie Grumpy Pants sometimes because his meow can be so soulful. I think he is pretty happy though, he just has lots to say.


    LouieLouie has been in the Myers family for a while. He is the old man of the household. He lived with my sister from his babyhood until a few years ago. Unfortunately her roommate was allergic to cats so he came to my zoo. When he came to me he had quite a few health problems and the vet wasn’t sure he would make it. Well he did and I am a happier person for it. He is one of the coolest cats I know. He loves to get on your lap the minute you sit down. No rubs required he just wants to be close to you and to fall asleep listening to your heartbeat.


    BillyMeet the new kid on the block. He may have been here the shortest amount of time but he has made his presence known. Billy also came from A Dogs Life Rescue and has been an amazing addition to the family. He is the friendliest most adaptable cat I have ever met. He befriends cats, dogs and people instantly. Not a shy guy at all. He is so chill he can even be put in clothes…not normal for a cat. He talks a lot, he cuddles, he plays and he keeps all the other cats on their toes. Billy is the instigator when it comes to kitty smackdown. I must say he is keeping all kitties of all ages young at heart.